Madrid's President, Isabela Díaz Ayuso, inaugurated the station, Source: Comunidad de Madrid

Mega electric charging station for vehicles opens near Madrid

Mega electric charging station for vehicles opens near Madrid

It is the largest of its kind in Spain

On 11 January, the President of the Madrid Region, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, inaugurated an electric charging station for vehicles in Pozuelo de Alarcon, a municipality in the western periphery of the Madrid metropolis. With a capacity for 46 cars, this makes it the largest of its kind in all of Spain.

The site chosen to place the new station is Ciudad de la Imagen, a media business park home to many local TV stations and other audiovisual enterprises. The land plot itself is owned by the regional government, which has decided to make it available.

Ultra-fast charging capabilities

It was reported that 20 of the 46 charging points are equipped with ultra-fast technology which allows 80% of the battery of an electric vehicle to be powered in just 10 minutes.

The station has 1800 kW of power, which will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to users. Energy company Endesa X, for its part, has been in charge of placing the power supply points for the 46 points including the 20 parking spaces with ultra-fast chargers (150 kW) and 26 that operate on a semi-fast mode (up to 22 kW).

The new facility uses a platform developed by EYSA for access, management and payment. It is a new system that provides access by license plate or an app.

This saves the driver time and money since they do not need to obtain a ticket and pay manually. The payment is done automatically when they leave the station.

Making the re-charging process faster, more accessible and more convenient is the way that the authorities want to encourage and boost more interest in purchasing and using hybrid and e-cars.

The Madrid regional government wants to extend this type of infrastructure to the rest of the territory and is already researching other plots of public land, which are strategically located, for future electric stations in order to launch a network of fast and ultra-fast charging points for e-vehicles.



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