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Microsoft opens datacentre region in Warsaw

Microsoft opens datacentre region in Warsaw

Prime Minister Morawiecki believes that this foreign investment can help keep many IT specialists from emigrating

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the opening of its first data cloud region in Warsaw. The complex will feature three independent data centres around the Polish capital which will be able to provide security, privacy and regulatory-compliant storage for tech internationals, which have struggled with meeting exceeding requirements of the GDPR agreements.

Additionally, the cloud region would help accelerate the digitalisation process of the local economy into a massive tech hub for Central and Eastern Europe. The move would also strengthen the company’s commitment to boosting Polish society, business and economy.

According to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, this foreign investment would also contribute to stopping the brain drain, helping to keep IT specialists in Poland, where they would be able to play a key role in the global economy.

Boosting local business with innovation  

One of the big offers of the Microsoft Cloud Region in Poland is that it would help service businesses, especially local ones. According to the 2023 PwC CEO survey, 54% of CEOs in Poland believe that their companies will not be profitable within 10 years if they do not adapt to digital demand.

Consequently, Microsoft aims to provide a significant competitive advantage for the area, as potential customers will receive an easy access to tools and capabilities for better business scalability and global expansion, which will allow them to grow and compete in the open market.

Additionally, a tech innovation environment is critical to the success of companies that operate in rapidly changing markets, running along the digitalisation of services. These include retail, baking and streaming platforms, which can benefit greatly from the maximum possible operational speed, reduced overload and latency to an absolute minimum.

Also, Microsoft officials believe that proximity alone can help to eliminate the relative reluctance to the adoption of cloud technology in the region.



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