Milan-London by train in 5 and a half hours?

Milan-London by train in 5 and a half hours?

This is what a popular Italian tourist blog claims might be a future possibility

Eurostar, the high-speed rail service that connects London with Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam through the Channel Tunnel, is about to inaugurate a new route to Milan, claims Italian tourist blog The Lombard capital would be the first Italian city to join the Eurostar-Thalys "Green Speed" European high-speed project.   

Convenient transport alternative with no baggage limits  

It would only take 5 and a half hours to connect the English and Lombard capitals. This would be a convenient alternative to travelling by plane, as passengers usually have to show up at the train platform only a few minutes before departure, compared to the 2-3 hours waiting time at the airport.

At the same time, there would be no limits on the quantity or weight of luggage. It is also important to remember that railway stations are more convenient to reach, as they are located in central areas of the cities. The commute which is often required to reach out-of-town airports makes them less convenient.

For the moment there is no effective launch date for the new route. For the future, there is also a possible Rome-London rail link, which could be covered in 11 hours.

Regarding such a connection between the Italian and the English capitals, admittedly the trip would certainly be longer when compared to an air journey, normally covered in two hours of flight. However, the five and a half hours between London and Milan, and vice versa, if effectuated, would become a very competitive offering. 

Information in this article has been edited so as to better reflect the original source.



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