The platform will combine data from Bucharest's big and sub municipality, as well as public institutions , Source: Depositphotos

Mobility and Urban Management Hub to bring Bucharest closer to digitalisation

Mobility and Urban Management Hub to bring Bucharest closer to digitalisation

The project will be funded through the Romanian National Recovery and Resilience Fund

Yesterday, Bucharest’s Mayor Nicusor Dan announced a new project for the creation of a Mobility and Urban Management Hub in the Romanian capital. The project will take public service one step closer on the track towards digitalisation and will cost around 1.19 million euros, provided through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

According to Mayor Dan, the hub will be a link between public institutions and residents, showcasing the city’s mobility plans as well as development projects for the municipality and its sub-municipalities all in one place.

Additionally, he pointed out that the Mobility and Urban Management Hub will be a precursor step towards the Bucharest Urbanism Centre, an entity that is supposed to monitor, base and coordinate the urban development of the city.

Mobility and Urban Management Hub

Nicusor Dan made an official statement, explaining that the Mobility and Urban Management Hub would be an interface between Bucharest’s local authorities and the citizens, as a space for debate and information sharing about projects of particular public interest.

The mayor explained that it would function as a digital public service platform for urban planning that also features open data from public transportation and mobility operators. Additionally, local authorities aim to align and integrate public information, data and project plans through the hub.

This applies equally to Bucharest municipality as a whole, as well as to its districts and sub-municipalities and other public institutions, which run their own development projects. The platform would also rely on citizen participation to an extent, as integration with public transport would allow for creating an open data aggregate.

Recently, Romania’s second-biggest city, Cluj-Napoca announced the launch of a similar system, that would allow citizens to monitor the position of buses in real-time, through an application that updates itself every 20 seconds.



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