Quantum Systems' drone combines a wing and vertical take-off , Source: Quantum Systems website

Munich-based drone startup to get 10 million euros from the EIB

Munich-based drone startup to get 10 million euros from the EIB

Quantum Systems GmbH has developed an Unmanned Aircraft System that combines vertical take-off with a wing

The European Investment Bank (EIB) announced it will support the Munich based startup Quantum System GmbH with a loan of 10 million euros so they can perfect their product – a drone capable of vertical take-off that also has a wing and can travel large distances. This announcement was made on 27 July, with the funds going towards improving the drone’s AI and autonomous flight capabilities.

The loan is financed by the EIB through the European Growth Finance Faculty (EGFF) set up to help promising startups, and Fox Corporate Finance, a German investment bank.

The Quantum Systems drone can help with search and rescue during natural disasters

Quantum Systems is a startup based in Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen, 20 kilometres west of Munich. The company has developed an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) that is capable of vertical take-off but is also equipped with a wing, giving it the capability to cover large distances.

The combination between the wing and vertical take-off is quite formidable and promising. The main benefit of vertical take-off is that no large runways are needed, making rapid deployment and landing much easier.

At the same time, the wing allows for a more aerodynamic shape, reducing air resistance and increasing speed during flights. This helps the aircraft cover larger distances faster and with less energy.

The drone can be used as an aid in rescue operations during natural disasters like the recent floods in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. It can also be used in smart farming, volume calculation in open-pit mining, surveying work for large construction sites, real-time situational awareness, tactical mapping and automated railway inspection.

The company’s technology promises advantages in areas, such as coverage, reliability, endurance, flights in windy conditions, a high flight speed and autonomous flying capabilities. They are targeting the growing government markets and their defence, intelligence and security needs – currently dominated by US and Israeli companies.

With the injection of funds, the company plans to expand its research and development capabilities in autonomous flight and artificial intelligence to drive vertical integration of the landing and take-off system.  Furthermore, the money will go towards increasing marketing and production capacities, so the company has a competitive edge in the market.

EIB Vice-President Ambroise Fayolle was reported in a press release expressing his support for the leaders in the industries of tomorrow. He was sure of the company’s chance for success and the EIB’s commitment to growth.

European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, responsible for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth praised the European Union’s innovation programme, helping new ideas become concrete innovations by big and small entrepreneurs, improving Europe’s collective prosperity.

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