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New bicycle stands increase the safety of pedestrians in Burgas

New bicycle stands increase the safety of pedestrians in Burgas

This good practice is a local youth idea

The Bulgarian Municipality of Burgas has installed completely new road installations in several places in the city center. Their aim is to sharpen the attention of drivers and increase pedestrian safety.

A policy to reduce the carbon footprint on the climate

The new acquisitions of Burgas are stands where you can park your bike. The constructures are in the shape of a car on one side, which overlooks the road and traffic, at the back are the bicycle stands.

The installations are located meters away from footpaths, preventing parking in their immediate vicinity  yet close enough to allow easy access. They have also been painted bright yellow to draw the attention of passing drivers. The implementation of the project is the work of transportation experts and road safety specialists in the Municipality.

The idea for these stands came from young people living in the Black Sea city. A group of these youngsters have identified several conflict points, where pedestrians, cyclists and drivers coincide every day and where there are real preconditions for traffic accidents.

With the introduction of such good practices, the Municipality of Burgas strives to increase traffic safety, starting from the central part of the city and continuing to other areas. The aim is to ensure the calm and safe passage of pedestrians on the sidewalks, provide additional parking spaces for bicycles in locations fit for cycling, and stimulate an active lifestyle through the use of non-motorized vehicles.

The first installations are located on:

- "Stefan Stambolov" Boulevard and "Vasil Levski" Street;

- Oborishte Street and General Gurko Street;

- Tsar Simeon I Street and Yuri Venelin Street;

- Adam Mickiewicz Street.

There will be another spot on Slavyanska - "St. Cyril and Methodius", however, it will be installed after the completion of the repair works in this part of Burgas. There, the underground water supply and sewerage infrastructure are currently being renewed, after which the Municipality plans to lay a new road surface.



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