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New forest springs up in Belogradchik

New forest springs up in Belogradchik

The initiative of Light for Belogradchik Association will be running until the end of this month

Many former Belogradchik residents, mostly young people, returned from Sofia over the weekend to join their fellow citizens in planting 50 oak saplings in the old pine forest, reported.

The centuries-old pine forest, located at the entrance to the city, suffered fatal icing five years ago. Many trees began to dry out from old age, too, leaving only 15-20 percent of existing conifers.

The voluntary afforestation is an initiative of the new Light for Belogradchik civic association created with the purpose of carrying out publicly useful activity. As a first step, it chose to afforest the site, which has a strong sentimental value for Belogradchik residents, according to organizer Angel Boyanov.

The pine forest in Belogradchik is a historical landmark - it was created in 1920 by the soldiers and officers of the Lomsky infantry regiment stationed in the city. Back then every recruit had to bring in a pine sapling and plant it. Every morning before the compulsory activities, every soldier watered his small pine. And all the saplings took root.

For almost a century, the forest has fulfilled its purpose of purifying the air and creating conditions for walking and relaxation. Over the years, students and citizens have been replenishing storm-ravaged trees with new ones. Current afforestation, however, envisaged the creation of a new forest at the locals' favourite place. The action will continue until the end of this month.

Nature’s tourist potential

Belogradchik is most famous for its natural phenomenon Belogradchik Rocks, which became a finalist in the competition for the New 7 Wonders of the World. The unique rock formations extending over an area of ​​about 50 square kilometers have been formed for millions of years under the influence of various natural factors that sculpted fantastic rock figures (each with its own legend), small valleys and passages with steep vertical slopes. Nearby is the Magura cave, which too is among  Bulgaria’s 100 national tourist sites.  

The breathtaking nature and crystal clear air of Belogradchik are a prerequisite for hiking, cycling, speleological, congress and wine tourism, mountaineering, hunting and fishing, as well as astronomical observations from the city's observatory.



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