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New sports and leisure venue on its way to Sibiu

New sports and leisure venue on its way to Sibiu

The ecotourism project will be created with respect to and in synergy with the local environment

Sibiu City Hall has taken the first concrete steps for the implementation of a large-scale investment initiative that will transform the Gușterița hills into a new place for sports and leisure. The ecotourism project will be created with respect to and in synergy with the local environment.

Investing in the quality of life of the inhabitants of Sibiu

“We continue to create goals for ourselves for leisure and sports because, in addition to investments in infrastructure, education and health, they are also important for the quality of life of the inhabitants. The area is frequented by Sibiu residents, but not to the extent and the potential it has. Through this project, the location will become an ecotourism objective in and of itself, a place where Sibiu residents can spend time with family and friends, doing sports or enjoying outdoor activities. Also, this project is part of our efforts to add a new element of tourist attraction to Sibiu, creating the infrastructure for leisure that highlights the natural and cultural environment of the city.", said Astrid Fodor, mayor of Sibiu. 

Sibiu City Hall has created a draft concept of the project, which will be the basis for contracting the development of documentation for studies and design. A request for European financing for the project, within the Technical Assistance Operational Program 2014-2020, has already been submitted.          

The City Hall's draft specifically proposes the following arrangements, which will be analyzed from the point of view of feasibility in the stage of elaboration of technical studies:

  • marking two cycling and hiking routes, namely a route with a low degree of difficulty, arranged on a length of 3-4 km and a second one with a medium degree of difficulty, arranged on almost 15 km, with several intermediate rest areas. This last route will connect Sibiu with the network for cycling and hiking in the Transylvanian Hills (Hârtibaciului Plateau, in the Sibiu - Sighișoara - Brașov County area).
  • a mountain roller coaster that will have the route starting from the top of Dealul Gușteriței, following the configuration of the terrain up to the foot of Dealului.
  • a ski slope with artificial surface for beginners, a recreational objective throughout the year, which would create the possibility of ski training, regardless of the season.
  • a theme park with educational and fun facilities where children will learn non-formally; part of this park will be a zip line with varying degrees of difficulty.
  • arranging the proximity of the tower located in Gușteriței Hill, by creating a panoramic terrace in this well-known viewpoint of Sibiu. The access will be made through stairs that start from Viilor Street and, possibly, through a small funicular.

The people of Sibiu will be directly involved in this project. In the first phase, Sibiu City Hall will launch a contest through which this objective will receive a name given by those who will enjoy it.



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