A train arriving at a station in Nice

Night train between Paris and Nice launched

Night train between Paris and Nice launched

Travellers from the capital could reach the French Riviera for less than 20 euro

Yesterday, 20 May, the Prime Minister of France unveiled a night train route between Paris and Nice. Jean Castex, who was onboard for the first trip on the line, left Paris’ Austerlitz Station in 20:52 on Thursday, to reach his final destination on the next morning, twelve hours later. On this occasion, he underlined the sustainable dimension to the new transport alternative and pledged a 100 million euros investment in night trains as part of the recovery plan of France.

Night trains make a return for the European Year of Rail

The sleeper between Paris and Nice has six stops, among which Marseille, Toulon et Cannes and is believed to have multiple advantages. First, it is more accessible than the TGV (high-speed train) or travel by air: tickets are available from 19 euros for a reclined seat, 29 euros in a second-class berth and 39 euros in a first berth.

Second, it is seen as a more sustainable alternative than a short-distance flight. According to Greenpeace data, such a journey by air would take up to six times more energy and produce much more carbon dioxide emissions.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Castex underlined that France is paying special attention to railway transport in its Covid recovery plan. More precisely, the country will invest 5.3 billion euros totally in infrastructure, green transition and maintenance of tracks, accessibility and safety.

A portion of this funding, to the tune of 100 million, will go for night trains, to expand the existing offer of just two routes, connecting Paris to Briançon in the Southern Alps and Rodez in the southwest, informs Euractiv. Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari had previously announced that the country plans to have at least 12 such lines by the end of the decade with a line between Paris and Tarbes set to open this year already.



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