The NightJet is Austria's premiere night train running nationally and on the European level , Source: Harald Eisenberger / ÖBB

Night trains Vienna-Italy every day announced for summer 2023

Night trains Vienna-Italy every day announced for summer 2023

The Austrian Nightjet will also offer a regular nightly train between Brussels and Vienna

On 2 January, the Austrian rail company (ÖBB) announced a new daily route for their Nightjet trains to the Italian Adriatic coast. The connection will be available through Vienna and Munich from 10 June to 9 September.

Additionally, ÖBB has plans to purchase new trains for the route, which free up additional capacity. According to an official statement, the extra cars will be routed to Brussels, opening up a daily route for night trains between the Austrian capital and the EU’s administrative seat, starting from December 2023.

Austria to Italy

Italy is the most popular travel destination for Austrians. In addition to the daily Nightjet connections to Venice, Genoa and La Spezia, the Adriatic coast will also be served with the well-known Nightjet comfort in summer 2023.

Along the ride to the sunny Mediterranean coast, the Viennese train will pass Klagenfurt, Tarvisio, Bologna, Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica and Pesaro to Ancona. The one leaving from Munich will go through Salzburg and join with the regular route.

Brussels is getting connected to Europe’s rail infrastructure

This year will be big in terms of rail connections for the Belgian capital. As a result of an EU-wide effort during the Year of Rail 2021, many countries have decided to reopen and modernise their rail connections. This includes the Paris-Berlin night train scheduled to start in May 2023.

In fact, according to a statement from December 2021 by French Minister Delegate of Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, night trains are coming back in a big way. During an official statement, he claimed that Paris could offer transit to Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Rome, Luxembourg, Prague and Brussels.

With the Paris-Berlin night connection about to launch this spring, Brussels’ citizens can be delighted at the fact that there will be a connection to that route. Additionally, near the end of the year, they would also be able to connect to the Wienese line directly. The changeover point is supposed to be Mannheim, Germany.

Cars from Brussels and Paris will be exchanged late in the evening, and those from Vienna and Berlin early in the morning, allowing for much more convenient connections. During sleep, everyone will go in the right direction.



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