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North Rhine-Westphalia informs entrepreneurs on renewable energy

North Rhine-Westphalia informs entrepreneurs on renewable energy

The information roadshow is titled "More photovoltaics on commercial roofs - Campaign 2021+"

In the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Digitisation, and Energy announced the launch of the information roadshow “More photovoltaics on commercial roofs - Campaign 2021+”, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Renewable Energy Association.

The aim of the campaign is to expand photovoltaics on the roofs of industrial and commercial enterprises in that region. Solar energy from company roofs sustainably reduces energy costs, makes businesses independent of rising power prices, and contributes significantly to climate conservation. It also increases the company's attractiveness to young professionals.

On 11 May 2021, more than 600 people attended the digital kick-off event which was launched by the Economics and Energy Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart. Companies in North Rhine-Westphalia will contribute significantly to the expansion of renewable energy by installing photovoltaic systems.

Supporting entrepreneurs with a range of information

The campaign will provide traders with detailed industry-specific knowledge, exchanges with best-practice companies, and useful and intuitive resources to aid in the expansion project's implementation. Until January 2022, the information roadshow will stop at six separate locations with individual events that will also encourage digital participation.

By covering commercial roofs with photovoltaics, the pace of addressing climate change can be greatly increased. To match the performance of a single 750 kWp system on a commercial roof, at least 100 single-family homes will need to be outfitted with PV systems.

Minister Pinkwart commented on the information roadshow: “Photovoltaics is not only a central component of the energy transition but also a worthwhile investment for companies that, with their large commercial areas, offer favourable conditions for economic expansion. With the 2021+ campaign, we support entrepreneurs with a comprehensive range of information to use roof areas more than before for photovoltaics. In this way, together we will come one step closer to our climate goals."



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