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North Rhine-Westphalia launches Deutschlandticket Sozial for low-income residents

North Rhine-Westphalia launches Deutschlandticket Sozial for low-income residents

It will cost 39, instead of the regular 49 euros, in a bid to make public transit even more accessible

Germany’s Deutschlandticket pass granting access to all modes of local and regional public transport has been lauded as a revolutionary step in social policy. One German region – North Rhine-Westphalia – however, decided to make the pass even more accessible by offering a discounted version, called Deutschlandticket Sozial, to low-income earners.

The reduced monthly pass is available to millions of residents of the region as of today, 1 December, for the price of 39 euros rather than the standard price of 49 euros.

The social version of the public transport pass comes as the result of an agreement between the Rhine-Ruhr Transport Association (VRR) and some of the transport companies in the Westfalentarif transport association.

Who can buy the Deutschlandticket Sozial?

The expectation is that as many as 3 million residents could be eligible to opt for the discounted D-Ticket. This includes both people who have not used the pass until now as well as people who could switch from the standard to the reduced tariff.

As the VRR explains, proof of eligibility or notice for purchasing a Deutschlandticket Sozial can be obtained from the local authority. Only customers with authorization from a VRR municipality could purchase the reduced-price ticket in the VRR.

People who would be eligible to get the discounted pass are recipients of unemployment benefit II, citizen's benefit, social benefit, social assistance, housing benefit, beneficiaries under Book VIII of the Social Security Code, beneficiaries under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act and beneficiaries under the Federal Supply Act.

Some local transport associations in the region, such as Aachen and Rhein-Sieg, will offer the Deutschlandticket Sozial from 1 January 2024.



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