A moment from the workshop in Palma, Source: Ajuntament de Palma

Palma’s way of keeping retirees busy: eco-social gardening

Palma’s way of keeping retirees busy: eco-social gardening

The plots are given out after approval for a period of 3 years

On 15 June, Palma de Majorca’s councillor for Infrastructure, Antoni Martín, handed out planting kits to the new beneficiaries of the city’s eco-social garden plots, given out by the Municipality. That, however, was not all.

The event was accompanied by a training session on organic and responsible gardening methods. The local authorities seek to foster a particular approach to tending the land and plants, which is in harmony with new values and understanding for the environment.

Applications are still accepted for some of the plots

The network of eco-social gardens in Palma is made up of a total of 138 garden plots that have dimensions of about 20 square meters and are awarded for a period of 3 years to people over 65 years and/or to non-profit associations that work in the area of accessibility. The municipal Parks and Gardens Service periodically reviews applications and awards these spaces, as they free up, to new beneficiaries if they are deemed to fit the required profile.

Staff from the same municipal service were also the ones who conducted the training in responsible horticulture for the new gardeners. The workshop, held at the Municipal Nursery, was aimed at all those awarded the eco-social gardens located in four areas of Palma: Parc de la Riera, Les Sorts, the Municipal Nursery and Son Perera.

During this training, the attendees were taught the importance of carrying out organic farming techniques in the orchards and of also respecting the regulations that establish the most suitable crops for these spaces.

Palma’s municipal website also reminded willing applicants that there are still 18 spaces left to be awarded in Son Perera Park and 13 in the Municipal Nursery and that all necessary documentation is available on that same website.

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