Paterna water meeting, Source: Ayuntamiento de Paterna

Paterna boosts water flow to its business park

Paterna boosts water flow to its business park

Authorities will invest 200 000 euros for the benefit of 300 companies there

Earlier this week, the Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, met with the heads of the business association, which represents the interests of companies located in Táctica Business Park, to inform them that there will be significant improvements to the water supply system there. To that end, the City Council will put forward 200 000 euros.

Improved water flow and fire prevention capabilities

City Hall will work in collaboration with Aigües de Paterna, the private-public water supply company of the municipality, will carry out works aimed to better the provision of water to 300 enterprises. All of these have offices in Táctica – a business park in the north-west of Paterna.

The proposed improvements have two dimensions. On one hand, the authorities are planning to install a second water pressure pump. This will allow the provision of an alternative to the one that is already in place there. In the case that one pump breaks down or needs to be stopped for maintenance, this will not affect the supply of water to the park.

The strengthening of the pressure pump capability is also linked to strengthening the water flow and the capacity to respond to emergencies. A supply pipeline, with 300 mm diameter and full length of 95 metres will connect the pumps with the plumbing network. This connecting pipe will serve in addition to the other one already in place.

"With these steps we reduce the risk of water shortages for the companies there in the event of any breakdown and we improve the response of the drinking water network to situations in which high flow rates are required, such as a fire," said Mayor Sagredo, adding that "with these projects we continue to improve the characteristics of this industrial area of 140 hectares as well as meet the demand for drinking water, which is being increased with the construction of new warehouses and companies”.



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