Footbridge, Source: Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Pedestrian connectivity in the south of Madrid goes up a notch

Pedestrian connectivity in the south of Madrid goes up a notch

A long-awaited footbridge will connect two neighbourhoods in the district of Villaverde

Inmaculada Sanz, the speaker of the Governing Council of Madrid, announced at a press conference yesterday that the project, undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Equipment, will provide residents of Butarque and San Cristóbal de los Ángeles neighbourhoods with better pedestrian options.

Quicker access to the suburban railway Cercanías

The inhabitants of the two adjacent neighbourhoods have long been separated by the commuter railway of the Spanish capital. On one hand, it provides a much-needed access to the city centre but on the other, it also presents a hindrance to the free circulation of pedestrians in the district.

The project is stated to take nine months to complete with a base budget of EUR 3.8 million. Once it is finished it will provide Butarque residents with the ability to reach the San Cristóbal de los Ángeles train station, which has been one of the long-awaited local demands.

Visualization of the new footbridge in the district of Valverde

The walkway is designed to go over the suburban railway and provide easy access to people with reduced mobility. Source: Madrid City Hall

In addition to the two entry points of the overpass, respectively in each neighbourhood, there will be a third access point by stairs located in San Cristóbal de los Ángeles. The land parcels surrounding the entry points will also be equipped with gardens – the cost of their creation is also included in the provisionary budget.

The metal curving footbridge (which can be seen on the photo) will be designed to go over the Cercanías C-3 railway line standing on reinforced concrete pillars. Its total length will amount to 170 metres with a width of 3.5 metres and will also count with guardrails, a modernist design and accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

As the Independent Association of the Residents of Butarque (AVIB) explains, the project will be initiated after a delay and an increased budget due to ongoing uncertainties over the ownership of the land adjacent to the entrances of the footbridge.



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