The city already takes care of 455 pieces of art in public spaces , Source: City of Stuttgart

Public and street art is getting a million-euro boost in Stuttgart

Public and street art is getting a million-euro boost in Stuttgart

City officials have developed a new funding programme for the creation of new public art, as well as for the protection of existing pieces

This week, the German city of Stuttgart announced a new programme for funding art in public spaces. The programme will run between 2023 and 2025 and will receive a budget of 1 million euros per year. According to a statement by the city, the programme aims to properly reconcile the divide between the municipality, urban space and free, accessible art.

Additionally, city officials have stated that free access to art is an important building block of the fabric of Stuttgart. This is why authorities spent nine months developing the strategy in tandem with local organisations and artists.

Until 15 April, and again till 15 October, artists can apply for the first and second rounds of funding, to the tune of 5,000 euros per project. The submissions process is open to independent artists working alone, as well as to associations, initiatives, collectives and cultural institutions.

Opening the doors to more public art projects

Stuttgart authorities want to recognise the value of art in public spaces such as murals, reliefs, and mosaics but also artistic objects like sculptures. Additionally, the funding should help to support festivals as a vehicle of artistic expression.

Moreover, authorities have said that they want to engage in preservation projects for art in public spaces, when needed, which is another domain of the new fund. The city is already responsible for 455 sculptures, mosaics and reliefs.  

First Mayor Dr Fabian Mayer was quoted in a press statement, explaining that art on street corners, parks or on house walls invites people to discover, since it breeds curiosity. Also, it is free to view, as opposed to museum art.

He continued by pointing out that public and street art raises public awareness, can stimulate urban planning, create spaces and promote social change.



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