Riga City Council and local hotel chains provide rooms for self-isolation

Riga City Council and local hotel chains provide rooms for self-isolation

Hotel chains can apply to the city’s welfare department in order to be allowed to serve those in need of lodgings for self-isolation

Over the last couple of weeks, Latvian authorities have closed down pretty much all businesses, barring the ones that are deemed essential and ones that can be operated from home. Among the ones hardest hit have been the hotel chains across the country.

Yet the local government of the capital of Riga has found a solution that aims to benefit not only the hotels but also locals and citizens who are in dire need of accommodation in order to self-isolate during the coronavirus pandemic.

Two in one

The Riga City Council’s Welfare Department has allowed local hotel chains to apply at their website in order to be considered viable and be allowed to host guests who will be self-isolating in their rooms.

Among the first to receive permission to operate is the Mogotel hotel chain – one of the leading hotel operators in the Latvian capital. It will allow only people without symptoms who will not be allowed to leave their rooms and the hotel without a mask and gloves.

In terms of care, a breakfast package will be delivered daily and will be laid before the door of the hotel guests, without them getting into contact with staff. Furthermore, all other wishes by guests can be made via telephone and will then be negotiated in terms of safety precautions and schedules.

Unlike the service for hotel rooms for the homeless provided in London, the hotels in Riga will retain their costs that will be paid by those residing in the rooms, thus ensuring some amount of income for the businesses. 

Any other businesses and hotel chains who can offer similar conditions are invited to apply at the Welfare Department’s website



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