“Rīgas siltums” will accelerate plans to transition to renewable energy production, Source: Riga Municipality

Riga heating company asks residents to reduce energy consumption

Riga heating company asks residents to reduce energy consumption

Decreasing dependence on Russian-supplied gas will take time, but there are already plans for transition to renewables

Riga’s municipal heat supply company JSC Rīgas siltums released an appeal to residents to try and collectively reduce their energy consumption. It also informed of concrete plans to transition towards the production of heat from renewable resources, namely biofuel boiler houses. The construction of said facilities is set to begin later this year, with the addition of two more in 2023.

Political, economic and environmental choice

Transitioning towards more sustainable means of energy production is no longer only a matter of environmental concern. In the context of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, it has also brought this matter into the political and moral field for Europeans, whose lives in many aspects have become quite dependent on the Russian fossil fuels supply.

The calculations made by specialists show that by producing heat energy from renewable energy sources instead of natural gas, 20 million euros will remain in the Latvian economy every year rather than being transferred to Russia.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused unprecedented turmoil in the energy market. Rīgas siltums together with Riga Technical University and Riga City Council invites every inhabitant to review their habits and reduce energy consumption both in the short and long term. Rigans are encouraged to share their experiences on how to reduce household spending on resources by using the #energovienoti hashtag on social media.

Rīgas siltums is one of the main heat energy suppliers in Riga. However, only 32% of the heat energy required in Riga is produced in its own heat sources. The rest is purchased, where a significant part is occupied by heat energy produced by Latvenergo and other producers from natural gas. It is therefore important that all market participants promote their energy independence and turn to renewables in order to create a permanent and irreversible shift.

"We must also keep in mind that the greenest, cheapest and most independent energy is what we did not consume. That is why we invite Rigans to save heat every day. We will all benefit!” emphasized Normunds Talcis, chairman of the board of the municipal heating company. He added that he expected by 2030 more than 90% of heat energy in Riga to be produced from renewable sources.



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