Riga Marathon, Source: Riga Municipality

Riga Marathon will take place but with strict rules

Riga Marathon will take place but with strict rules

This is the only European Gold Label Marathon including a mass start

This coming Sunday, 11 October, the Rimi Riga Marathon will take place in the city, however, this year there will be some changes due to the pandemic context that has taken over the global community. These changes concern not only the big 42 km race, which itself is the last chance for athletes to qualify for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, but also for all other accompanying races happening over the weekend of 10 and 11 October.

The races will be split into waves of no more than 2500 runners each

Since it will not be possible to assure a minimum distance of 2 metres between the participants, the authorities have decided to implement certain measures which are meant to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

For one, upon arrival, the athletes will have to wear masks before the start signal is given. Participants should download the “Stop Covid” app before arriving and follow its instructions to assess their health situation. People with symptoms will have to stay home – the same goes for those under quarantine.

In previous years, the start of the race involved a massive gathering of participants and public, however, this time the starts of the different races will be spaced out in time so that no more than 2500 runners will be grouped together.

Additionally, the start and the finish will be located in different spots – The Freedom Monument and the 11 November Wharf, respectively. In total, over the two days of the weekend, some 15 000 participants are expected to join in the different disciples, of whom 795 will be marathon runners.

Due to the restrictions this year there will be no EXPO and no luggage storage for most runners (with the exception of the athletes doing the long distances of 42 and 21 kilometres). All the products handed out at energy points, such as water bottles, gels and snacks will be prepackaged, and hand sanitizers will be freely available everywhere.



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