Some of Riga's traffic poles, Source: Riga Municipality

Riga responds to doubts on traffic poles maintenance

Riga responds to doubts on traffic poles maintenance

Small but important parts of street furnishing

The Traffic Department of the Riga City Council informed in mid-July, that the publicly announced information on the maintenance costs of plastic poles regulating traffic only partially corresponds to the real situation. Supposedly, this comes after public inquiries into the budgeting share set aside for these traffic elements.

Admittedly, it is not every day that we get to report on traffic pole news, but this article shows that in the urban environment every small detail can be important and may at any point require public attention that the authorities will have to satisfy convincingly.

Traffic poles are the most assertive of traffic signs

The total amount of this year's contract for the maintenance of the Latvian capital’s street enclosing elements is 39,000 euros, which is further divided into several portions - with the maintenance of the posts being only one of them, as the traffic authorities explained.

The maintenance of the poles is carried out according to the real situation, mostly cleaning only those poles when it is necessary to ensure traffic safety. The maintenance of the poles includes not only the washing of the columna, but also the inspection, materials, labour and other related costs.

According to the technical specification, a visual inspection of the road barriers is performed once a week. If during the inspection it is found that one of the posts is dirty and no reflective elements are visible, thus endangering traffic safety, then its cleaning is organized immediately. If as a result of the inspection it is established that the column is dirty, but does not endanger traffic safety, then its washing is performed later - on average once a month. 

The contractors regularly report to the Traffic Department on the completed and planned works. Both before and after the work, the contractor performs photo fixations with the exact place, date and time, which helps the employees of the Traffic Department to assess the need for maintenance of the pole.

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