Riga will speed up the digitalization of its public services

Riga to boost digital transformation with a special administrative body

Riga to boost digital transformation with a special administrative body

Riga Digital Agency is expected to start working on 1 April

The Latvian capital Riga will get a new municipal institution dedicated to speeding up the digital transformation of the public services using other European cities as role models. The new Riga Digital Agency will likely start operating on 1 April and its roots will lie in the reorganization of the City Council Information Technology Centre.

Better data management for better municipal decision making

The main goal of the new agency will be to support and promote the digital transformation processes of the municipality by providing innovative, high-quality and secure information and communication technology (ICT) services. 

"In modern municipalities, technology must become the driving force of the digital transformation so that the city can offer quality and innovative services to its citizens. By planning this reform, Riga gained experience from European cities that are already leaders in digital growth - Helsinki, Barcelona and others. Our goal is to create a Riga digital agency that could lead the implementation of smart and future-oriented solutions in our city,” explained Mārtiņš Staķis, the mayor of Riga.

Modern management methods will be introduced in the implementation of ICT projects and the attraction of highly qualified IT specialists to work in Riga Municipality will be promoted. The Agency will be entrusted with the development of centralized and efficient management of ICT investments. 

The entity will also work on the development of modern, convenient and user-friendly digital products and municipal services of the Riga Municipality, including continuing the implementation of e-services. It will also be involved in the development of municipal shared IT solutions and the improvement of municipal procurement processes in order to foster competition between suppliers. 

The new agency will also be responsible for developing the digital skills of Riga municipal employees and improving inter-institutional cooperation.

As for the tech support staff from the current Information Technology Centre, they will be transferred to a new Information Technology Support Department of the City Council. That one is envisioned to start operating from 1 May.



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