Riga tries out a balancing act on sanitary restrictions

Riga tries out a balancing act on sanitary restrictions

Overall, Latvia is thought to have reached Level 3 emergency, out of four possible

The Latvian Government is trying its best to manoeuvre in a way that would avoid a complete shutdown of the country and its economy and a good case for this can be seen in the efforts made by the local administration of its capital – Riga.

Earlier today it was announced at a meeting of the City Council that schools will be allowed the autonomy to decide where young pupils should continue attending classes at school. Bar and restaurant owners will be permitted to operate outdoor seating areas for two weeks longer, until 15 November.

Governments from different levels are trying to implement tailor-made measures

Currently, students from 7th to 12th grades are studying online from home and from Monday, 2 November, school administrations will be able to decide whether to also extend this measure to 5th and 6th-grade pupils. For the time being, this will be so until mid-November, unless the situation continues to worsen.

The Mayor of Riga, Mārtiņš Staķis, also had to comment on a scandal that came to light recently after it was found out that the principal of Riga Secondary School No. 71 had been going to work and teaching classes while presenting flu-like symptoms. He then tested positive for coronavirus.

“We see that the management of Riga schools is mostly very responsible and acts proactively. The vast majority of teachers in Riga also behave very responsibly towards epidemiological safety regulations.

Unfortunately, violations can also be observed, and in this situation, reckless behaviour in schools is unacceptable, as it is a question of public health. I ask everyone who suspects violations of the rules in Riga educational institutions to call the anonymous telephone number of the Department of Education and inform about it,” said Mr Staķis.

This was the opportunity for the Municipality to present its anonymous phone line where concerned residents can call, and report cases suspected of breaching sanitary rules.

The number to dial is 67026816 or e-mail



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