Fallen leaves are pretty, and can also be useful for the generation of compost, Source: Unsplash

Riga will host Latvia’s first public greenery composting site

Riga will host Latvia’s first public greenery composting site

All those leaves, grass, branches and flowers will turn into organic fertilizer as Nature intended

SIA "Rīgas Meži", Riga’s municipal company in charge of forest and park maintenance, has decided to introduce a circularity approach to its operations by creating Latvia’s first garden and park waste composting site. This aims to implement a more sustainable, economical and beneficial solution when it comes to the question of what to do with all the organic mass that accumulates every autumn.

The composting site, where all the cut grass, fallen leaves, withered flowers and branches will be deposited, was created following local regulations. The resulting compost will be then used to enrich the city’s greenery.

A measure that also saves money

Anita Skudra, chairman of the board of "Rīgas Meži" has stated in a press release: "This project has been implemented at a record pace! A careful assessment of the company's expenditure positions revealed that expenses for waste disposal are increasing dramatically; they had more than doubled. It was clear that radical solutions are needed for the waste issue. In cooperation with "Rīgas Údeni" a quick, sustainable and wallet-friendly solution was found. This is both an economically viable and sustainable project. Finally, we can give a second life to all the organic waste in our territories!"

The compost site was created in accordance with a regulation, which was amended at the beginning of this year. It specifies the main requirements for the establishment of gardens and parks waste composting sites, providing for a simplified procedure, namely – the site must be fenced and information about its management entity must be placed near it. 

Such a place was found near Vārnukrogs, where "Rīgas Ōdens" stores the sludge obtained during the wastewater treatment process. Specialists, including the State Environmental Service, have positively evaluated the new place for storing biological mass and making compost near the capital. In addition, it is located right next to the territory managed by "Rīgas Meži".



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