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Riga will host the autumn conference of European large metropolises (METREX)

Riga will host the autumn conference of European large metropolises (METREX)

The organizers have chosen to concentrate on the topic of spatial strategies as the event’s focus

From 30 September until 1 October, Riga Municipality will host the autumn conference of the European Network of Large Metropolises (METREX). This year the event is dedicated to the following theme: “Towards implementing spatial strategies in continuously changing metropolitan areas”. 

Reportedly, the event will take place online given the dynamic, and ever-changing, pandemic situation on the continent.

METREX was founded 25 years ago as a platform for sharing ideas on urban issues

The first day of the conference will present the vision of spatial development of the Riga metropolitan area, cooperation plans as well as its most significant projects. In parallel with the conference sessions, a forum of mayors from the Riga metropolitan area municipalities will also take place. 

The second day of the conference will be dedicated to the review of the transformations of the metropolises of the Baltic and Central European countries, as well as the role of the METREX network in influencing the European Union's urban development policy. 

“Participation in the European metropolitan community gives Riga an opportunity to strengthen its international competitiveness - not only to broaden the horizons of competence, knowledge and experience but also to provide other partners with the valuable experience of Riga,” stated Mārtiņš Staķis, the mayor of the Latvian capital.

“Working in the METREX network, the planners of Riga City Municipality have gained valuable experience, which has resulted in the cooperation platform of the Riga metropolitan area. The special role of the metropolis in the development of the country is also defined in the development planning documents at the national level,” he added.

Riga, together with Milan, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam and others - a total of 45 important European metropolises - actively participates in the METREX cooperation network. The co-operation of planners in the Nordic-Baltic working group is especially important, where in addition to Riga, the neighbouring cities - Helsinki, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo - also participate. 

METREX has 50 members from Europe. The METREX Conference takes place twice a year, hosted each time by a different Member. There is a strong commitment from Members to attend, which builds effective relationships across the network.



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