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Ruse Municipality provides rent relief to more than 100 companies and merchants

Ruse Municipality provides rent relief to more than 100 companies and merchants

The measure is valid during the state of emergency

During the last meeting of the Ruse City Council, several new measures were adopted to overcome the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. One of the most important decisions made by the Bulgarian municipality was the provision of rent exemptions on municipal property to over 100 companies and merchants during the state of emergency.

Other good news coming from the Danube city is that rents for market area users will also be reduced. They will be 20% lower in May. The measure will cost the municipal markets company over BGN 23,000 (EUR 11,500). The local government is convinced that this is a necessary and timely gesture to all tenants of municipal properties experiencing difficulties in commerce due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During its last meeting, the Municipal Council decided to set up a working group to change the ordinance for advertising purposes on the territory of Ruse Municipality. It will aim to tackle the indiscriminate placement of advertising posters and announcements in public places. The local government is also considering building facilities specifically designed to house posters.

Regardless of the difficult situation, all the initiated infrastructure projects will be completed

The revenues of Ruse Municipality decreased by BGN 2.2 million (EUR 1,1 million) compared to the same period of 2019, informed Mayor Pencho Milkov. Less than BGN 1.2 million came from property taxes and garbage tax. When it comes to non-tax revenues, the decrease is about BGN 1 million (EUR 500,000). 

Despite the difficult situation, the municipality is eager to assure its citizens that all the initiated infrastructure projects will be completed. Furthermore, it was also decided to limit the operating costs of various governmental units - mayoralties, municipal enterprises, kindergartens and nurseries.

The mayor Milkov underlined that the work on improving the infrastructure in the neighbouring villages, improving the conditions in the kindergartens and nurseries, asphalt and repairs will continue. At the same time, in the context of the state of emergency, the whole non-pedagogical staff of kindergartens is engaged in refining and improving the adjacent grounds.



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