The first stele of the new digital pedestrian guidance system on Schlossplatz was inaugurated on October 28th., Source: City of Stuttgart

Smart signs point to the coolest events in Stuttgart

Smart signs point to the coolest events in Stuttgart

A very unique feature of the new system is that they will rotate on a 360-degree axis

Last week, the City of Stuttgart, Germany unveiled their new digital pedestrian guide system. The system is comprised of several Smart LED signs. The first of these is located at Schlossplatz, while two more will be inaugurated on 7 November. The design will allow the signs to rotate 360 degrees and always point citizens and visitors to the most current and exciting places of interest in the city.

Digital markers in the real world

The innovative design is a first for the world, according to local authorities and was born from the collaboration of electrical engineering and the digital flow of information turned into physical infrastructure.

The signs are made from several LED panels mounted on an axis and can rotate 360 degrees, making use of their arrow shape. Additionally, they will direct the pedestrian flow with information about important or popular events in the city.

This will happen through GPS-controlled, alternating information and always showing what are the current highlights in Stuttgart’s social life. Whether it is a jazz concert or a visit to a must-see museum exhibition, the smart signs are supposed to always be up to date.

Moreover, they will also display QR codes that will guide people to further information about the events and even to ticket sales websites, if applicable.

Accessibility and sustainability

According to a statement by the city, the Smart Signage aims to combine traditional concepts with the latest digital innovations and bring customisation, interaction and the internet to the street. Also, the posts would offer WiFi to expand the city’s public internet access.

In addition, they will be integrated with apps for the blind, as well as tactile surfaces, that can help people with disabilities navigate them better. The information from the digital pedestrian guide system will be integrated with BFW Smart Info, an app for the blind in Stuttgart, via push notification.

The signs will be very energy efficient due to being powered by LEDs and green energy, with an energy savings mode at night.



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