Anti-COVID vaccine, now in pet version, Source: Depositphotos

Spanish scientists developed COVID vaccine for pets

Spanish scientists developed COVID vaccine for pets

Not a bad idea, given the possibility of viral mutations that can transmit from animals to humans

Researchers from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), in Spain, announced that they had successfully developed a vaccine, which can protect animals from COVID infection. The first trial of the vaccine was tested on domestic cats, with impressive results.

The pets were closely monitored for any reactions to the shot, while their blood samples were also checked for the number of antibodies that they have developed.

Now cats won’t have to worry about COVID

Sandra Barroso, a researcher at the Service of Viral Immunology and Preventive Medicine of UCM, spoke about the prototype vaccine, as quoted by El Periodico: “In our study, we show a high efficacy of the vaccine prototype to limit the viral replication of SARS-CoV-2 in cats, which would help control transmission between animals and prevent them from acting as potential sources of infection.”

The study, conducted in collaboration with the Microbial Immunology Unit of the Carlos III Health Institute, is part of a project that studies the impact of coronavirus infections on pets and even on lynxes (larger wild felines).

The first phase included two cats. About 35 days after vaccination, the animals were transferred to a high biosafety laboratory together with two control animals, where they were infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus to evaluate the response to the disease.

To minimize risks to the research staff, the animals were housed in an isolator that filtered the exhaust air. The animals, in addition to having daily veterinary care, also enjoyed environmental enrichment care to maximize their well-being. The duration of the period of infection and evaluation of the response to the disease was 21 days.

In conclusion, the vaccinated animals had a strong immune response based on neutralizing antibodies that, just as in vaccinated humans, helped control the infection.

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