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Split unveils 360-virtual tour to attract visitors

Split unveils 360-virtual tour to attract visitors

It features nearly 200 panoramas of the Croatian city

On 17 January, the Split Tourist Board revealed that it has created a 360-degree virtual tour of the Croatian city in collaboration with the digital marketing agency L33T and the municipality. According to L33T, the virtual tour is one of the biggest and most extensive, featuring almost 200 high-resolution panoramas from both the air and ground.

Numerous stakeholders, including cultural institutions, took part in the development of the new virtual tour. For this reason, one can see inside key, landmark buildings and read short, interesting texts that provide information about these locations. 

On Facebook, the digital marketing agency further revealed that shooting the panoramas took a record 5 days. Moreover, the production of the virtual tour took 600 working hours to complete. Expanding on the tour's features, the agency shared that the panoramas have a high resolution of 230 megapixels and can be zoomed into, allowing viewers to discover the smallest details. 

Promoting Split as an attractive destination

With this modern and interactive virtual tour, the project’s organisers present the Croatian city as an attractive and smart destination. Viewers from all over the globe can now experience Split as never before, seeing its landmarks and attractions up close even though they may be far away. 

Speaking to local media, representatives from the Split Tourist Board revealed that the pandemic influenced the development of this project. More specifically, COVID has shown the need for digital innovation and the application of technology in the promotion of destinations. 

With this virtual tour, the city hopes to attract more visitors by showing them what Split can offer. To explore the city through the virtual tour, visit from your web browser. Viewers can access the website from any device and in two languages (English and Croatian).



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