Latvian traditions, Source: Riga Municipality

Spring is around the corner and Riga invites us to rejoice Latvian folk style

Spring is around the corner and Riga invites us to rejoice Latvian folk style

Spring equinox is known as the Great Day in this Baltic country

Depending on where you live spring might already be in the air or it may feel like it will never come but the march of time is relentless and sooner, rather than later, the spring equinox will be upon us. It turns out that this is actually a very important day in Latvian folkloric tradition – aptly named the Great Day.

To honour this event, when days finally get longer than nights and light wins over darkness, Riga’s important cultural institutions have organized a slew of events related to the Great Day and Easter.

Most of the events will be offered as online videos and exhibitions

“Ilguciems” Culture Centre and the Association of Cultural Institutions of the Riga Municipality have prepared a whole offer video series dedicated to the Great Day and Easter, which can be viewed on their Facebook and YouTube channels. Five videos will treat subjects, such as advice on egg painting, Easter legends and beliefs, Great Day traditions, as well as musical performances by the ‘Laiksne’ folklore group. The videos will be available for viewing between 20 March and 4 April.

“Ritums” Cultural Centre has prepared even more videos on Great Day traditions and the meaning surrounding them in order to let Latvian people reconnect to their roots. These will also feature presentations of traditional games and instruments. The videos will be available from 20 March on the YouTube channel of the centre.

If you are in Riga and would like to get away from the computer and have a stroll, the “Imanta” Cultural Centre has prepared a special exhibition, which will be organized on the windows of the building so it can be viewed from the street. The exhibition will take place 19 March – 11 April and will feature handicrafts and ceramic works created by artistic studios from the city.

The programme for these special holidays is also presented on the cultural section of the municipal portal (in Latvian).

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