Tampere's new tram, Source: Tampereen Ratikka

Tampere’s new sustainable tram begins operating today

Tampere’s new sustainable tram begins operating today

It is claimed to be the largest tram made in the Nordic countries

The Finnish City of Tampere has proudly announced that, after nearly 4 years of hard work, it has completed the construction of its ambitious tramway project. With the official inauguration ceremony taking place virtually on Sunday 8 August, the Tampere tram begins operating for the first time on Monday 9 August.

This new tram is 37.3 metres long, 2.65 metres wide, and 3.6 metres high. Moreover, it weighs 56.8 tonnes without any passengers. According to the City of Tampere, these characteristics reportedly make it the largest tram produced in the Nordic countries.

A sustainable mode of transport

On its website, the City highlights that the tramway project is not just an investment in traffic infrastructure but also in sustainability and a cleaner everyday life. Running on green electricity, the tram will not emit harmful substances or pollute the environment.

What is more, it will reduce congestion in Tampere as more residents will opt for this green mode of transport. Subsequently, there will be a reduction in pollution and an improvement in air quality. Commenting on this, Mayor Lauri Lyly noted: “The tramway is part of Tampere's big change, which aims to curb climate change and increase the share of sustainable modes of transport.”

A project worth EUR 34 million

The City Board and Prime Minister Sanna Marin first launched the tramway project in November 2016. At the time, the City of Tampere envisioned additional work in connection with the tram’s construction. More specifically, it ordered the renovation of Tampere’s main street, the renewal of street structures, the construction of new bicycle lanes, water supply works, and cable piping.

Taking all of this into account, the budget for the tramway project was initially set at approximately EUR 300 million. However, in reality, the project surprisingly came significantly under budget and at around EUR 34 million.

For now, 20 trams will run and transport passengers from Pyynikintori Square to Lake Hervantajärvi and from Tampere University Hospital to Sori Square.



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