Thessaloniki’s first underground bins bring about new age of waste management in the city

Thessaloniki’s first underground bins bring about new age of waste management in the city

They will substantially bolster local recycling efforts

Earlier last week, Thessaloniki’s first underground bins were installed in the historic centre of the city were on the axis of Dimitrios Gounaris, in the presence of Mayor Konstantinos Zervas. The bins will play a vital role in the city’s fight against pollution and will be key in its waste management going forward.

Proper management of waste is the key to sustainability

Thessaloniki authorities have been looking forward to the installation of the new bins as they are a hallmark of any European city that takes pollution and environmental protection to heart. According to the city’s mayor Konstantinos Zervas "Today we see an image that can be found in any European city. Very quickly, in less than a year, we auctioned the project, selected the contractor, completed all the inspection procedures and today we have the installation of the first bins. It is something that we promised and that we are quickly implementing.

I have said many times that we came here to do the job. And we do what we promise on time and in the best possible way. Thessaloniki, then, will not be the city of lost opportunities, it will not be the city of conversation, of 'it does not matter'. Thessaloniki is a city that deserves a lot and a lot will be done".

According to Mr. Zervas, in the next period, corresponding arrays of underground bins will be placed in many more parts of the city center where there is a large load of waste either due to population density or due to the presence of shops.

In particular, in this phase, it is planned to install a total of 59 systems of underground temporary storage bins in Fanarioton square, in the pedestrian street of Agia Sofia, in Karolou Dill, in Alexandrou Svolou, in Ermou, in the axis of Aristotelous, in the square of Athathos in the Stock Exchange square.

Deputy Mayor for Cleaning and Recycling Nikos Zeibekis also noted that the installation of the first 59 underground bins in the city centre will be completed in the spring of 2021.



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