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Timisoara2023 – cultural capital that shines a light on Romania’s European future

Timisoara2023 – cultural capital that shines a light on Romania’s European future

The city will kick off its stint as the European Capital of Culture for 2023 on 17 February

Next weekend, Timisoara will kick off a year of art and exciting events with the European Capital of Culture Timisoara2023. According to an official statement by Mayor Dominic Fritz, the opening weekend of 17–19 February will see around 130 events to mark the occasion.

On 17 February, Timisoara will also receive the Melina Mercouri award from the European Commission. The award comes with 1.5 million euros and it certifies the commitments made and commitments kept by the city from the point of application to the European Capital of Culture year.

According to the mayor, this is a chance for Timisoara to reaffirm its commitment to European values and shine a light on the future of the rest of Romania.

The biggest cultural event in the city’s history  

European Capital of Culture will be the biggest event of its kind in Timisoara and, according to Mayor Fritz, it will go down as a landmark in the city’s history. Throughout 2023, the municipality will host over 1,000 events linked to a common theme.

One of the big topics for Timisoara’s stint as a European cultural capital will be the theme of discussion. Thus, many of the events, apart from showcasing a plethora of local, national and international artists, will also feature organised debates and forums on cultural and social topics.

To mark the historic occasion, the city will host the opening ceremony on the historically significant Piaţa Unirii square. In 1919, the Romanian army entered the city and stopped at the square giving it the name ‘Unification Square’. According to Mayor Fritz, holding the ceremony there would reaffirm the local commitment to the ideals of the European Union.

Additionally, the mayor explained that this is a chance to position Timisoara as a European city and attract both foreign and domestic visitors. He continued: “We have a historic chance to change perceptions and demolish prejudices. Let's use the European story of Timisoara to create a new European destiny for Romania.”



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