The design of RS + for the future water playground in Tychy provides for refreshment and cooling, Source: RS + for Miasto Tychy

Tychy greenlights a future-proof water playground

Tychy greenlights a future-proof water playground

Appealing to the eye, it is also adapted to the rising temperatures in cities

On 11 August, a permit for the construction of a water playground was issued in the Polish city of Tychy. It provides for the deployment of 400 square metres of area, and 20 multi-coloured devices with various forms and shapes in Jaworek Park.

But the futuristic design is much more than just eye-candy. Local architect studio RS+ conceived the playground abounding with greenery and refreshing water sources, which responds to rising temperatures in cities.

Abundance of water and greenery – the future of playground design

The Polish city of Tychy will soon have a new future-proof playground, which is bound to become a favourite place for rest and leisure. The local authority entrusted the design to the local RS + architects, who gladly accepted the challenge and came up with a vision of a playground, that meets the challenges of the changing climate.

As can be seen in the gallery above, the playground will occupy 400 square metres of area, filled with cooling greenery and 20 flower figures spraying refreshing water. Above them spans a reinforced concrete bridge from which you can see the entire square.

The design also previews a waterfall under the bridge, with the playground made of natural materials located right next to it. The bridge will serve as a pass between the southern and northern parts of the area and as a place of observation of the playing children by their parents. The basin of the water square will be surrounded by benches and a wooden terrace. 

Wood, wicker, pebbles, gravel, sand, wood chips and jute ropes will be used for the playground. There will be elements with educational functions, for example, a magnifying glass and recreational elements, such as cottage, domes, labyrinth or hut.

The area surrounding the playground around will also be developed with showers, changing rooms and an automatic public toilet; there will also be bicycle stands, litter bins, and lighting. Furthermore, the project provides for the replanting of existing trees and new plantings in the form of truncated and multi-stem trees, shrubs (including formed and solitary shrubs), perennials, and creepers.

The Water Playground, which received the green light earlier this month, will be built as part of the Jaworek Park revitalization program, local authorities informed.  The estimated cost of the investment is about PLN 7,000,000 (EUR 1,5 million). The Municipality of Tychy has submitted an application for co-financing under the so-called: "Polish Deal".



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