The Valencia Metro will be one of the networks which commuters can use free of charge on Sundays, Source: Generalitat Valenciana

Valencian Region cities will provide free public transport on Sundays

Valencian Region cities will provide free public transport on Sundays

The measure is meant as a response to the rising cost of living

Starting on 1 May, the Valencian Regional Government announced that passengers can ride for free every Sunday on some of the public transport networks of Valencia, Alicante and Castellon. The move seeks to encourage the use of public transport in the main cities of the region and alleviate the negative effects of the inflation experienced across the board.

The free service provision will be available for the next three months, that is until 31 July. The public transit networks in question are Metrovalencia, TRAM d'Alacant and TRAM Castelló.

Other regional transit systems will have reduced ticket prices

The Regional Government of Valencia has set up a special Reactive Plan with the aim of mitigating the rising energy prices that directly affect the livelihood of the residents.

The regional Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi España, indicated that “it is estimated that around 113,500 people will be able to benefit from this initiative since on Sundays some 110,000 people make use of the services offered by the regional train company (FGV) in Alicante and Valencia and another 3,500 who travel on the Castelló TRAM."

He added that the FGV and the Valencia Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATMV) had reduced up to 50% tariffs and tariff integration has become a reality thanks to the new SUMA integrated tickets. This will also be accompanied by a price reduction of up to 50% in the TRAM d'Alacant, thanks to the simplification of zones that will come into force in the summer.

On Sundays, Metrovalencia and TRAM d'Alacant passengers will access through the open door system and the validators will be turned off so that no one pays by mistake. It will be possible to travel from the beginning of the service in the morning, until the end of the ordinary service hours for the day.



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