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Vienna City Card “Experience Edition” aims to bring the Viennese to the city’s landmarks

Vienna City Card “Experience Edition” aims to bring the Viennese to the city’s landmarks

Primarily aimed towards those who spend a lot of time in Vienna, the new scheme makes available many new and exclusive offers

Earlier this week, local authorities in the Austrian capital of Vienna unveiled their latest innovation in the field of tourism – the Vienna City Card’s “Experience Edition”. The new take on the already established practise is aimed primarily at those who spend lots of time in the city (primarily its inhabitants and regular travellers) but also has plenty to offer to tourists who are just arriving for the first time.

Innovating at a rapid pace

The Vienna City Card “Experience Edition” is unprecedented in the history of tourism development in the city. It offers tons of unique and exclusive experiences ranging from art to cuisine, including special tours for holders and creative seminars and workshops. It also offers plenty of discounts to such activities – like for example 20% off of selected guided tours and of tabs at many Viennese restaurants.

In terms of absolutely unique and exclusive opportunities, holders of the card will be able to explore different parts of the city and its heritage – among them is a walk through the beehives of Vienna’s beekeeping district as well as the chance to discover many different secrets – like for example what hides underneath Egon Schiele's painting in the Belvedere Palace.

On top of all this, what turns this new offer into a particularly innovative solution is the fact that it is fully integrated within Vienna’s already existing smart tourism arsenal - like the local City Guide App. The card is also extremely affordable, priced at a meagre 25 euros for an entire year.

Pointing out all the advantages and opportunities of the new offer, Peter Hanke, City Councilor for Finance, Economics, Digitization and International Affairs stated that “With the Experience Edition of the Vienna City Card, we are targeting guests, but above all the Viennese themselves, and invite them to rediscover their city and take advantage of the offers of local institutions. This creates unforgettable experiences, but also frequency and thus added value because the local tourism industry is supported at a time when help is particularly necessary."



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