Vienna tram with the EU flag, Source: Vienna municipality

Vienna equipped 400 of its trams with EU flags

Vienna equipped 400 of its trams with EU flags

On the occasion of the European Year of Rail

In the Austrian capital Vienna, around 400 trams are now equipped with EU flags. One of the stated goals is to make Europe more visible. The initiative was launched on the occasion of the European Year of Rail, on one hand, and as a starting point for the discussion on Europe's future, on the other.

The campaign will last until the end of May and it was launched by Martin Selmayr, Head of the Representation of the EU Commission in Austria, Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) and Wiener Linien Managing Director Alexandra Reinagl on Monday, 10 May 2021. "The tram fulfils important functions that are also of great concern to Europe: It brings people together and it does this in a climate-friendly way," said Selmayr.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The aim of the European Year of Rail is to reduce traffic-related greenhouse gas pollution by transitioning to public transportation, among other things. Vienna's public transport system is well-developed and provides a wide range of options. Trams are one of the choices available to people who choose to avoid driving and getting caught in traffic jams.

“I hope that many people will take part in this idealised crowdfunding for Europe with suggestions that are as specific as possible. And that there is increasing awareness that we only have this one European Union,” explained Selmayr.

Mayor Ludwig is confident that the benefits of the European Union to Austria and the continent are particularly evident during the coronavirus pandemic: “But it is also clear that we all have to work every day to ensure that the work is carried out of the European Union as well as the achievements it brings and which bring great benefits to the citizens of Europe, which people can feel - and which are visible to the public."



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