The Foodie Fridge is a fully automated restaurant with no staff, Source: © Tabea Hepp

Vienna’s first fully automated restaurant opens for business

Vienna’s first fully automated restaurant opens for business

Foodie Fridge will be open 24/7 and it will offer over 300 meals from some of the best restaurants in the city

This week one of Vienna’s first fully automated vending machine restaurants opened for business. The restaurant is called Foodie Fridge and it will be open 24/7, serving fresh and eco-packaged food and regional wines from top Viennese restaurants and local producers.

Quality produce and diverse selections

The restaurant does not have waiters, cooks or tables for that matter, as it is supposed to serve customers who are looking for a convenient and diverse meal menu to go, made from premium quality organic produce and reflecting the diverse food scene in the city.

While the vending machine restaurant does not offer a cheap burger, it does offer Thai, Italian, Spanish and Austrian cuisine. It also boasts a breakfast meal section, as well as vegan chips, world-famous Austrian pastries and local wine. Still, Foodie Fridge is built with affordability in mind and most of the meals fall between 7 and 10 euros.

A human touch

The restaurant’s menu offers around 300 products prepared in some of the ‘coolest Viennese restaurants’, according to Alexander Billasch, the owner of Foodie Fridge. After it is prepared, the food is chilled and put in sustainable packaging, allowing it to remain fresh for the next three to four days.

Alexander Billasch explained that he was inspired to start the fully automated restaurant because he is always on the road and, over the years, the conventional pre-packaged food has become tiresome.

Although the automated restaurant will have no staff, Alexander Billasch wants to make the space as vibrant and humane as possible. This is why he envisions regular food tastings. There the community will have a chance to experience new foods, give feedback to the owner and build a natural foodie community.



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