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Vienna’s public transport goes digital

Vienna’s public transport goes digital

Games and a myriad of virtual experiences are just some of the things developed by Vienna’s public transport operator

The coronavirus pandemic has been a true disruptor in our daily lives. One of the sectors of public life that have been impacted the most, however, has been public transport. Fewer travellers, more rules and regulations and less traffic overall have led to some major rethinks by operators who are trying to figure out how to adapt to the different circumstances.

Wiener Linien, the public transport operator of the Austrian capital of Vienna made a virtue out of necessity and immediately started planning so that it could at least remain a virtual experience with the first part of the Wiener Linien adventure platform “Öffiversum” launching earlier last week.

Transport going digital

The Wiener Linien adventure platform “Öffiversum” was launched with its first two theme worlds “U2xU5” and “Greener Linien”. In its future, the new online platform will provide insights into the heart of the transport company in a completely new way. Fans from young to old can expect interactive games, interesting videos and lots of public transport facts. With the new platform, Wiener Linien are trendsetters in the field of digitization and gamification of public transport.

Infotainment plays a major role in the new public experience platform. In order to perfectly combine information and entertainment, new adventure worlds will be continuously activated in the coming weeks. The first world is already online and deals with the most important Viennese climate protection project for the next few years: the U2xU5 subway construction.

Through the game, you can try your hand at underground construction engineering and have your project evaluated. Budget, the environment and other important factors must be taken into account. If through these activities you discover your love of public transport, you will find interesting facts about real open jobs at Wiener Linien.

“Wiener Linien are the climate-friendly transport solution of the future. We are concerned with digitization and innovations in all areas, whether in subway construction, real-time passenger information in the new stops or with augmented reality glasses in training and in 3D printing for spare parts. In the public sphere, we combine all exciting projects and offer a completely new approach to the topics that move us. It is worth checking in regularly, as some exciting games and information will be activated in the coming weeks,” said Alexandra Reinagl, Managing Director of Wiener Linien.



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