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Warsaw launches a food delivery platform to help small businesses

Warsaw launches a food delivery platform to help small businesses

Restaurants can list their menus and operate deliveries without commission

As coronavirus set foot in Poland and let to the imposition of social isolation, many catering establishments lost an important source of revenue. Thousands of restaurants, bars and cafes in Warsaw are believed to have lost up to 90% of their turnover, threatening over 20,000 jobs. The local authorities have made several important steps to help them survive the crisis.

Facilitating food deliveries in Warsaw

One of them aims to enable all catering establishments to list their products online, thereby facilitating them doing food deliveries. On the platform, which is hosted by the city of Warsaw, every restauranteur can create their own menu and online store, based on a common domain.

The platform is different compared to existing takeaway applications and websites, as it operates at no charge for companies. This way, in order to list their products, restaurant owners do not pay any commission.

Unlike the municipal solution, large international companies charge restaurants up to 40% of the amount of the food order, which considerably limits what the former earn. #WspieramGastro allows entrepreneurs to retain the entire revenue of each purchase.

What is more, all restaurants present on the platform, despite the difficult financial situation, have committed to assisting nursing personnel and medical staff. They all have declared that they will give significant discounts to healthcare workers or sometimes provide them with free meals.

You can already explore the rich offer of several local restaurants, the number of which increases daily. Shop locally, order lunch to be delivered to your home or office, or pick it up from store using #WspieramGastro.

Help for the entrepreneurship

In addition, last week the capital city announced an assistance program for entrepreneurs. Restauranteurs operating on the territory of Warsaw can benefit from a reduction in rent or a refund in the event of resignation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski urged citizens to support the local economy by buying local food. He expressed his support for grassroots initiatives of catering companies and other industries and urged citizens to share any other ideas or suggestions on how to cope with the crisis.



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