Warsaw might give you a prize for your thesis

Warsaw might give you a prize for your thesis

The best thesis on the development of Warsaw can bring you as many as 15 thousand PLN

Are you desperately looking for ways to fund your studies and research? Well, here is one good suggestion coming from the City of Warsaw: write a good thesis on a topic important for the local development and you might get a financial stimulus from the Mayor of the Polish capital.

A prize for the best thesis has been awarded by the capital city since 2016 and supports young researchers interested in the affairs of Warsaw and the joint creation of its identity.

What kind of topics will be funded?

The competition, now in its fifth edition, has a wide thematic scope which gives students the opportunity to participate in all scientific fields and disciplines they consider important for the development of Warsaw: art, urban agriculture, spatial planning, environmental protection and waste management, sustainable transport or the concept of smart city.

Entries will be evaluated by the jury in terms of:

  • placing the research problem in the context of Warsaw's development;
  • the scientific value of the work, including general methodology and the way the problem is addressed;
  • social value, i.e. the impact of research results and conclusions on the development of Warsaw;
  • practical possibilities of using research results and conclusions in projects implemented by the Capital City of Warsaw.

The prizes will be awarded in two categories:

  • doctoral dissertations - the main prize is 15 thousand PLN and there will be three other distinctions worth 6,000  zlotys each;
  • master's theses - the winner of the main prize will receive 7,000 PLN, and the authors of three other distinguished works - 3,000 zlotys each.

Applications should be submitted in person or sent by post by 20 March 2020 to the address of Centrum Komunikacji Społecznej, ul. L. Kruczkowskiego 2, Warsaw 00-412. The full regulations and the application form can be downloaded from the website of the City of Warsaw.

Winners of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw Award will be invited to a gala on June 23, 2020, at the Warsaw Museum to receive their awards.



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