Senior employees can bring unexpected benefits to a company and Warsaw aims to prove precisely this

Warsaw pilot supports integration of seniors on the labour market

Warsaw pilot supports integration of seniors on the labour market

Developing multigenerational teams is getting all the more important in an ageing continent

Poland’s economy is hungry for qualified personnel. And while some companies are desperately looking for ways to attract specialists from abroad to fill the gaps on the labour market, the solution might be just around the corner.

Such solution that is both good for the economy and for society will be tested in the Capital City of Warsaw. It is called “A good employee has no age” and aims to bridge the gap between employers and senior jobseekers.

Warsaw takes special care of its seniors

A pilot project in Warsaw will offer support to job seekers who have already reached retirement age but do not want to quit their professional activity. The project provides subsidised jobs to seniors who are willing to work, by offering financial assistance to their employers. The purpose of the pilot program is to change the stereotypical perception of "working seniors" and increase their chances on the labour market.

Hence, starting from January, the Employment Office of the Capital City of Warsaw will support seniors at retirement age by training them, and it will also help employers by co-funding part of the salary costs. The seniors will get multiple benefits: extra money on top of their pensions, the chance to actively fill their free time, get to know each other and acquire new skills.

Companies, on the other hand, will get the chance of acquiring an experienced employee, as well as developing a business based on a multigenerational team - which is important in the conditions of an aging society and a shortage of labour, as the city website underlines. Last but not least, the costs for personnel will go down.

The pilot project is financed by the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.



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