Mayor Trzaskowski hands out a Medal for Long Marriage to a deserving couple, Source: City of Warsaw

Warsaw rewards long-term married couples with medals

Warsaw rewards long-term married couples with medals

To qualify you need to prove having 50 years of wedded bliss

Rafał Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw, has been married for more than 20 years, however, he and his wife still have some way to go before they can qualify for one of the Polish capital’s official Medals for Long Marriage.

Nevertheless, the city head was more than delighted to bestow that award to over 90 local couples who showed up for the ceremony last week, saying that he knew how much “love and patience it takes to stay in a happy relationship”.

Reaffirming family commitment

In order to qualify for the medal, couples must have officially been for at least 50 years, or what is known in common parlance – they must have celebrated their Golden Anniversary. And golden couples deserve a medal.

The Medal for Long Marriage itself has the shape of a six-ray star, in the middle of which on one side there is a bright inscription "for long married life", and on the other, there are two silver roses.

This is my favourite moment as mayor of the city because I see only smiling people. When you took your oath 50 years ago, you said: I will do everything to make my marriage harmonious, happy and lasting. That's exactly what happened. Because marriage is a conscious choice of two people who respect and love each other,” said the Warsaw mayor in his greeting address to the couples.

Last week’s ceremony was the first for 2024. However, during his term of office, Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski has awarded medals to a total of 1,970 couples, taking part in 61 ceremonies.

We can only wish him and his wife to one day also be the recipients of that honour.



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