A destroyed house in Kharkiv, Ukraine in May 2022, Source: Freepik

Warsaw unveils a house for the reconstruction of Ukraine

Warsaw unveils a house for the reconstruction of Ukraine

The Polish capital is experienced in rebuilding heritage from the ashes and is taking steps to bring Ukraine back on its feet after the war ends

They say that a friend in need is a friend indeed and Warsaw is showing exactly this to Ukrainian cities through its latest support initiative. In particular, the authorities of the Polish capital announced yesterday that they will be actively contributing to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, through various means.

For this purpose, they unveiled a House for the reconstruction of Ukraine, which will be the starting point of a massive process of rebuilding local heritage from the ashes of the Russian war.

Planning for post-war Ukraine starts now

Warsaw is one of the most experienced cities worldwide when it comes to recovering post-war damages, as over 85% of the buildings in the Polish capital were destroyed during WWII bombings. Hence, the idea of an organised action to support Ukraine in this direction was only natural.

Rafal Trzaskowski - reconstruction of UkraineMayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski launches House for the reconstruction of Ukraine.
Source: Capital City of Warsaw

“Already in the first days of the war, Warsaw started collecting materials for the protection of Ukrainian monuments. We have collected over 500 fire blankets, as well as non-flammable fabrics, packages of fastening tapes, OSB boards and power generators, and nearly 2,000 fire extinguishers.

Thanks to the materials sent from Poland, the monuments in Lviv were secured, and sandbags were used to protect the monuments in Kharkiv. The collection continues, but the time has come for the next level of support. That is why we are establishing the House for the Reconstruction of Ukraine,” said the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, as quoted on the city website.

The House for the Reconstruction of Ukraine will be much more than physical space. It will include a set of targeted and coordinated initiatives for the reconstruction of damaged monuments in the neighbouring country. There, Polish and Ukrainian local government representatives will meet to discuss and plan the current protection of Ukrainian heritage (as the war unfolds) but also – what can be done to recover it once the atrocities are over. This way, the help will be directed where it is most needed – to the cities of Ukraine.

The assistance provided through the house can be summarised in five directions:

  • an information exchange platform for Polish and Ukrainian cities,
  • collection of materials for the protection of monuments,
  • support from Warsaw in including Ukrainian cities on the UNESCO list,
  • establishing a fund for the reconstruction of Ukraine and
  • work on the Ukrainian heritage reconstruction plan with experts in various fields.

Said fund will enable, among others: the purchase of materials for the protection of monuments, inventory and 3D scanning of the most endangered objects, purchase of equipment for documentation, and also the reconstruction of selected monuments after the end of the war.

The capital of Poland has already organized a network of contacts with several local governments, including its twin city Kyiv. On the Polish side, a dozen of local governments have also joined ranks with Warsaw for the good cause.

As part of the House for the Reconstruction of Ukraine, work with experts will also begin on a plan for the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities. This will allow the reconstruction to start as soon as the war is over.



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