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We work in many ways to improve the prosperity of the municipality and its residents and the results are visible

We work in many ways to improve the prosperity of the municipality and its residents and the results are visible

“The past 2018 brought a lot of difficulties and challenges, which the municipality is still experiencing”

Marinela Nikolova has been the Mayor of the Municipality of Kozloduy in Bulgaria since 2015. She graduated with honors from the Economic Academy in Svishtov with specialty "Accounting and Control". She has over 17 years of managerial experience. Founder of a local initiative group, she is also a volunteer in a non-profit organization working with young people.

Mrs. Nikolova, what is your evaluation for 2018? Has your team managed to fulfil the goals set? What have your greatest achievements been?   

The past 2018 brought to us a lot of difficulties and challenges, which the municipality of Kozloduy is still experiencing nowadays. However, 2018 was quite successful for our development as a whole. We managed to repay an obligation of 4.3 million leva (2,1 million euros) - a financial correction for the water cycle, implemented before 2015. After two years of specifying the figures, we have reached an agreement with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environment and Water and we actually saved a large sum from the taxpayers.

We finished the rehabilitation of five administrative and three educational buildings, eight family homes and one block of flats. In addition to energy saving measures, we have also improved the working and living conditions of over 500 inhabitants of Kozloduy Municipality. Through the "Beautiful Bulgaria" project, the internal repair works in the building of the Municipality of Kozloduy were completed. At the most key places in the city, we marked the pedestrian paths with light signs. Next year we will continue in the in neighborhoods. The entrance of the city already welcomes all guests with a friendly new look. Botev Park is completely renovated and reconstructed. We have seven new underground containers in the central city area. Kozloduy is the first small town in Bulgaria, where underground containers are installed.

In 2018 we were able to realize a number of community events that bring together retirement clubs, community centers, youth, kindergartens, schools. Our cultural calendar was very rich and almost every month we had a large municipal event involving a number of institutions. For the realization of all events, we received support from local companies and associations. The donations made during the year amount to 264,000 leva (132, 000 euros). This speaks well for the work of the Municipality and the confidence that our partners have in us. They see that the resources they donate are spent effectively and meaningfully. All this shows the tireless and dedicated work of the administration towards building the contemporary look of Kozloduy as a modern and prosperous municipality. I hope people appreciate our efforts and the professionalism, because everything is done with care, desire and much love. The truth is that sometimes we are wrong, but we learn from our mistakes.

The final year of your first term already started. What are your main tasks for 2019?

I am very proud with the approved project for the complete reconstruction of one of the main streets in Kozloduy. Asphalt, pavement replacement and lighting are planned and we will begin the reconstruction this year. We also plan a complete reconstruction of the road to the Roman fortress "Augusta" in the village of Harlets. In the same village we will replace a water pipe, from which will benefit more than 80% of the inhabitants of the settlement.  

In 2019 the municipality will also work on a project for video surveillance in the whole municipality. This year we will also change 800 lighting installations in all four regions. They are purchased and their replacement is forthcoming. We have also developed a project for a complete modernization of the lighting in the municipal center. The project is currently being evaluated and, once it has gone through all the statutory procedures, its implementation will begin.

A big project, which we will realize thanks to the Bulgarian government, for the overall reconstruction of the central pedestrian zone in the city worth 2.6 million leva (1,3 million euros) is forthcoming also. We start work literally immediately to succeed in 2019 to implement the project.

What specific changes does the central city area repair project involve?

According to the architectural plan: the renovation of the lighting installation, the laying of 8 700 square meters of pedestrian flooring, 250 meters of curbs, 1350 meters of garden curbs, the construction of an irrigation system, the replacement of bins, benches, new improvements of the urban environment and other activities.

The sidewalks to the "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" High School will be completely renewed. We will also replace the whole sidewalk east of the school.

The central city area has not been renovated since 1986 and I am glad that Kozloduy will look like a modern European city. The truth is that since November 2015 we have received funding of 6 million leva (3 million euros).

What will be the biggest challenge for your team this year?

A big problem for Kozloduy municipality is the growing number of street dogs, which worries all of us as residents. We have to find a solution to the case, and to secure the calm and safety of both the young and the elderly population in the municipality. That is why in 2019 we have planned to create a municipal veterinary ambulatory, where street pet castrations and placing chips will be carried out.     

What do you wish to yourself and to your team for the New Year?

We work in many ways to improve the prosperity of the municipality and its residents and the results are visible. I strongly believe that we will continue to enjoy good health in order to be able to achieve everything set in our governmental program. I wish to my team and our partners luck, well-being and to have much enthusiasm.


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