A view of the atmosfaire plant, Source: atmosfaire on Facebook

World‘s first commercial carbon-neutral airplane fuel plant opens in Germany

World‘s first commercial carbon-neutral airplane fuel plant opens in Germany

The new factory in the small town of Wertle has the potential to revolutionise air travel

Today, the world’s first factory producing CO2-neutral kerosene (aircraft fuel), started operations in the German town of Wertle. The company that operates the facility is atmosfair gGmbH, a non-profit climate protection organisation based in Berlin, dedicated to the promotion of green energy and the fight against the climate crisis.

Currently, Lufthansa is set to become the pilot customer of the e-kerosene, in a move, that if successful, could revolutionise air travel in terms of sustainability.

The inauguration event was this morning and it included the participation of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer.

A robust circular process

CO2-neutral kerosene, also known as e-kerosene, has a circular production cycle, incorporating sustainable and green energy sources and raw materials. This is because if the new fuel was not produced with sustainable energy, the fact that it is carbon neutral would not be of great significance.

The plant is supplied with energy through wind turbines from the surrounding area, while the fuel’s main ingredients are water and waste-generated CO2 coming from a nearby biogas plant, but also through its capture in the ambient air. E-kerosene has extreme potential to revolutionise air travel, as the CO2 that is captured in the production process will be released during flights, making it a carbon net-zero solution for the sector.

Lufthansa is announced as the first customer, further legitimising the project.



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