San Sebastian City Hall, Source: Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián, by dynamosquito on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

You can now visit San Sebastian City Hall virtually

You can now visit San Sebastian City Hall virtually

Save on a plane ticket and travel-related hassles in these turbulent times

The city authorities of San Sebastian informed today that anyone is welcomed to visit their offices or at least the building where these are located. The iconic building of the local City Hall can be viewed from inside simply by checking out the virtual tour at of the municipal website.

In real life, the City Hall overlooks another famous sight – the Bay of La Concha

Virtual visitors will be able to wander around the magnificent halls and passageways of the building on any electronic platform. Apart from the esthetic pleasure of viewing the eclectic architectural decisions of the interior design, viewers can also click on indicated points and find more information about the different spaces they are observing.

The building is quite remarkable because it was first conceived as a casino. Inaugurated in 1887, it hosted the city’s gambling aficionados and local elites all the way until 1924, when games of chance were banned. It was later used as a Centre of Attraction and Tourism before finally becoming the home of the local government in 1945.

Judging by the above facts and its ostentatious interiors, it is safe to say that this is a building that can be considered a true architectural treasure. That is why, Jon Insausti, the San Sebastian Councillor of Culture, stated that the new online tool lets “both the people of San Sebastian and any other person in any part of the world to get to know, in the most comfortable way possible, one of the most emblematic buildings steeped in the history of our city”.

Online tourists can get 360-degree views of the visually arresting Hall of the Plenary, Reception Hall and the Alderdieder Balcony, among others. The experience was made possible by Hiruditek, a firm specializing in this sort of 3D applications and virtual tours that aim to give a sense of the textures of the physical space.



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