Zagreb county boasts massive tourism increase in 2019

Zagreb county boasts massive tourism increase in 2019

The region has attracted 14% more tourists compared to 2018

Businesses, citizens and authorities in Zagreb county have a great cause to celebrate – the local tourism industry appears to be booming.

According to country authorities, tourist visits and overnight stays have risen substantially compared to 2018. In terms of actual numbers, over the course 2019, a total of 140,000 tourists visited the region and stayed for 230,000 nights. To put things into perspective, that is a 14% increase in tourist arrivals and a 12% increase in overnight stays.

The great results achieved during 2019 are a continuation of a very positive multi-year trend. The tourism business in Zagreb country is without a doubt booming.

Where are tourists headed and where do they come from?

A majority of visitors to Zagreb country came from outside of Croatia – 108,000 persons, responsible for a total of 170,000 overnight stays. A plurality of them came from Asia – and more specifically China and South Korea. They were closely followed by arrivals from Western countries like Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and France.

Most tourists flocked to the town of Velika Gorica. The other main beneficiaries of the tourism boon were Jastrebarsko, where the number of overnight stays increased by a staggering 35% thanks to the opening of a brand new hotel, and Samobor. Most of the arriving tourists came on their own, with barely 25% of visitors making up parts of organised tour groups.

The numbers for 2019 certainly speak well for the regional authorities who have been hard at work at promoting different kinds of tourism and activities in Zagreb country – from religious and culinary to cycling and health. The total budget allocated for tourism in the region is some 7.3 million kuna, roughly equating to 1 million euros.



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