Zagreb Design Week to take place between 1 and 6 September

Zagreb Design Week to take place between 1 and 6 September

The 7th edition of the event will take place in extraordinary circumstances and will be thoroughly prepared to meet the challenges

The 7th annual edition of the Zagreb Design Week is set to take place at that start of next month – between 1 and 6 September. The now traditional event will once again welcome all those who are interested in design in all its aspects – but this time under very different circumstances.

Adapting to post-COVID realities

Event organisers have had a long time to think of how to adapt their operations to a brand-new world which is now considered a “new normal”. The coronavirus pandemic put a dent in the plans of many event hosts who had to either scrap them in their entirety, transition them into the digital world or simply delay until the circumstances allowed for them to take proper shape.

Now, with the worst behind us, authorities are reallowing the carrying out of mass events and gathering, provided that attendants and organisers adhere to a number of strict regulations and guidelines – including increased hygienic measures and strict social distancing guidelines meant to prevent the resurgence and spread of COVID-19.

The Zagreb Design Week will, of course, take all of these into account and will offer not only a safe experience to those who attend but also one of the highest quality. Throughout the first week of September, attendees of the event will find the latest and best products available on the markets of Croatia – all the way from different kinds of furniture to clothing and jewelry.

The products are set to be divided into six separate categories which will be eligible for different awards – including Graphic Design, Digital Communications and Interaction Design, Product Design, Space Design, Textile and Fashion Design, and Social Innovation Design. Those who manage to emerge victorious in the finals will be eligible to take part in a special exhibition, thus giving their products even more recognition and world renown.



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