Moje Sljeme , Source: Zagreb Municipality

Zagreb develops an application to promote a healthier lifestyle

Zagreb develops an application to promote a healthier lifestyle

Moje Sljeme allows users to explore hiking trails in Medvednica mountain

On 15 April, the Municipality of Zagreb announced that it has developed a new application designed to promote physical exercise and a healthier lifestyle. “Moje Sljeme” (My Sljeme) was presented by Deputy Mayor Jelena Pavičić Vukičević and the Head of the Mayor’s Office Miro Laco who noted that the application is the result of Zagreb’s efforts to digitalise public services.

What does the application offer?

Moje Sljeme will bring people closer to nature by allowing them to explore hiking trails in the Medvednica mountain. The application’s users will be able to select their preferred destinations or landmarks and choose a hiking trail based on its duration or difficulty.

Taking this further, Moje Sljeme will alleviate people’s fears and worries by providing them with maps and navigations that will make them feel safe and secure. In addition to offering a map of the trails in Medvednica, the application also provides information on the surrounding mountain lodges, restaurants, accommodations, landmarks, etc.

The Deputy Mayor commented on this, noting that the application will allow all citizens to explore the mountain trails in a safe way. She further explained that Moje Sljeme has been designed to improve our physical and mental health as one cannot predict when the pandemic will be over and when our lives will return to normal.  

Currently, the application is only available in Croatian. However, the Municipality has announced that it will soon become accessible to more people as its English version is being developed. It follows then that Moje Sljeme will undoubtedly boost the quality of Zagreb’s tourism by allowing both international and domestic tourists to explore the region safely and comfortably.

The City is now urging residents to download the application, explore the hiking trails, and give their feedback and suggestions. Moje Sljeme can be downloaded on the Municipality's website here



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