Zagreb gets ready to launch massive COVID-19 testing campaign

Zagreb gets ready to launch massive COVID-19 testing campaign

Amid a surge in cases, local authorities want to escalate their response to the disease

With the 2nd wave of COVID-19 showing no signs of slowing down in the Croatian capital of Zagreb, the city’s local authorities have announced that they will be kickstarting a massive testing campaign next week in order to prevent the further deterioration of epidemiological conditions.

Acting as quickly as possible

The municipality’s mass testing campaign was announced earlier this week on Thursday at a press conference held at the city hall. The announcement itself was made by the mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic who revealed some details about the city’s testing strategy.

The testing campaign will be divided into four separate stages. Starting Monday, the first stage will involve the testing of chronic patients, elderly citizens and other vulnerable members of society in their homes. The 2nd stage will cover residents of both private and public nursing homes within Zagreb, while the 3rd stage will involve the city’s healthcare personnel. The final stage of the campaign will include all other residents of the Croatian capital.

The testing itself in the three latter stages will take place at 12 testing sites across Zagreb. Citizens will have to fill in an application form through the municipality’s website in order to be eligible for a test.

For the time being, authorities in the Croatian capital have purchased some 50,000 rapid antigen tests that are able to produce results in 15 minutes. If the public interest in the campaign exceeds the local government’s expectations, it will be purchasing additional testing kits in order to satisfy the demand.



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